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On Jamming My Feet Into Dreams That Don’t Fit

Cinderella Glass Slipper copyI may as well go ahead and confess it now (because when my book comes out next year you’re going to know it anyway..but more on that later) but I am a sucker for a good Disney classic. So you can bet I was excited to see Disney’s new version of Cinderella.

The thing is, when you’re the only girl in a house of 6 men, getting a date to see a princess find true love can sometimes be a little challenging. (I snuck off to watch it while my oldest was at Young Life. I guess on the upside, I didn’t have to share my Junior Mints!)

The live action Cinderella remake is all over the the web- discussions of costumes, corsets, feminism and even my favorite part- Helena Bonham Carter as the best fairy godmother ever. #Kumquat!

And while most people walked away from the movie with the mantra, “Have courage, be kind,” running through their head, I left the theatre thinking about striving.

Striving for position, angling for advantage and being cruel to insure ones’ own security. It’s a thread that runs throughout the movie and is all summed up by the visual of all those women trying to jam their feet into a slipper that wasn’t created for them.

I’d much rather say I can relate to the mantra “Have courage, be kind” but if I’m honest with myself (and with you) I’ve spent years of my life trying to jam my foot in a metaphorical slipper that doesn’t fit. Out of fear, out of pride, out of confusion, you name it, I’ve done it.

I bet you know what I’m talking about too: Cinderella Slipper

  • Sometimes the slipper is the business we dreamed of building
  • Sometimes the slipper is a relationship that leaves us hurt yet we keep trying to turn it around
  • Sometimes the slipper is that one goal or accomplishment that is always out of reach

That glass slipper represents whatever we decide is our benchmark of ‘I’ll be happy when..”

I’ll be happy when..

…my prince comes

…I get that promotion

…we move into that castle

So we strive, and angle and stay crazy busy trying to get what wasn’t created for us in the first place. We cram our foot into every shiny glass slipper that comes along, instead of waiting for the one that was created for us.

You know what struck me the most though? While everyone else was busy (and miserable) doing everything possible to get what they wanted, Cinderella was content. And she was content because she wasn’t striving for more.

She was simply waiting to slip her foot into the slipper that was made solely for her.

I wasn’t expecting a life lesson, but boy did I get one. It’s so easy to get caught up in being busy and striving for more. But real joy comes in being content with where we are now and waiting for what God has for us next.

If you’ve seen the movie, what message did you walk away with?

Instagram Secret: How to add spaces on Instagram captions

How to add spaces to instagram captions from Alli WorthingtonInstagram is my favorite social network, I love to see what you are doing, I love to see your face (See the “Should I post this Selfie” flowchart), and I love to see what is going on in your world.

What I don’t love is how tough formatting is on Instagram. Spaces and line breaks are crucial to writing well online, so today I’m going to share a work around for editing your Instagram captions.

How to add spaces and lines to your Instagram captions-

Step 1. Type out your caption in your note pad.

Do not use any numbers or punctuation at the end of your sentences.

This is the key!! Never use regular periods at the end of a sentence.

Now, copy your whole caption in Instagram under your image.


Step 2. Paste your caption to Instagram How to add spaces in instagram captions, Alli Worthington

Here’s the tricky part about Instagram, sometimes this works, sometimes it will only give you the first line break, erase all later line breaks, and cram everything else below it together.

If that happens, just click the edit button on Instagram and log in to try to fix it yourself.

Here are ways that work (most of the time) to fix the second line break issue: click to get to the number keys on your keyboard and click return twice and add a ‘.’ or a ‘-‘.

For this Instagram I tried the ‘.’ and when I saved it, it still deleted my space line randomly. (ugh)

Next, went into edit again, and I added a ‘-‘ and was able to at least format my text for better readability.

Yes, the random ‘-‘ isn’t optimal, but neither is having all the words in one paragraph. Lesser of two evils, I say.

Happy Instagramming!

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