What Everyone Ought to Know About Fear

How the FEARLESS steps can help you reach your goals

Everyday I receive mail that asks some version of, "I loved the How to Move Forward and Get Unstuck article, but seriously, what should I do now?

How do I take it step by step forward?" It struck such a nerve that I knew we needed to revisit the topic and dive in. Today I'll share with you my FEARLESS strategy for reaching my goals.

The most important part of getting unstuck is developing a clear vision for your goals and where you want to be with your life in the future.


Now it's time to get FEARLESS and reach your goals!


Filter everything.

Everyday there are a gazillion distractions ready to lure you offtrack. Filter every action, every decision by asking yourself if it helps you move forward in life.


Edit out what doesn't move you forward.

Cut out everything that slows you down and hinders you from achieving what you envision. (Now don't even think I'm giving you permission to cut out going to your kid's recitals and visiting Aunt Flossie at the nursing home. I'm talking about cutting out those hours of TV, taking on extra projects to impress others and all the Facebook chatting you do. Yeah, I said it. Stop that!) 



Accept the uncertainty.

The 'What If' disease is a dream killer. It slowly eats away at our goals and our passions. Nothing is perfect and there are no guarantees, but you can arm yourself with wise counsel, experienced mentors and a supportive community. These things are the antidotes to the 'What If' disease.



Ruthlessly guard yourself.

Guarding yourself means guarding both your spirit and your time. Once you've edited out the time stealers, it's time to focus on the things that can crush your spirit...if you let them. You know that friend who 'innocently' says little things that seem to try to take you out at the knees, knock you down a bit, make you uncomfortable? Yep, you know the one.

Do everything you can to disengage and protect yourself and your future from people like this. They aren't satisfied until they make everyone else feel as miserable as they do. You have big dreams and don't have time for that insanity.


Learn constantly.

Want to outperform 99% of the competition easily? Learn something every day. (Tweet it!) Most people waste their lives running here and there and staying distracted. Make the process of gathering new information a daily habit and you will be more creative and stay ahead of the competition.



Encouragement is crucial.

The next step after guarding yourself is to actively cultivate friendships with those who encourage you and your success. One of the best things about the Internet is the ability to make location unimportant in our friendships. Many of my closest friends are fellow entrepreneurs who live all over the world; we actively support each other and location is never a hinderance.




Simplicity in all things.

Don't confuse simplicity with ease, and don't think all your tasks and goals must be overly complicated to be good. Simplicity is about keeping first things first and being intentional with your time, focus and energy.



Systems are the key.

Systems for decision making, your work flows and chain of command are the most important factor for your productivity. When you develop systems for tasks you can document them, delegate, and remove yourself from the process. That is the secret to scaling your business. Take yourself out of the roles that others can do so you can focus on your vision.

Last point.

Do not bookmark this post (like a gazillion others) and think you will read it later when you have time. Make the time to invest in yourself to stop the cycle.

Print this, make notes, and set some reminders to keep you focused on progress and not perfection.

Now, take a deep breath and start taking action. FEARLESS action! 


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