Should You Post That Selfie? This Flowchart Can Be Your Guide.

Should you post that Selfie? Use the Selfie flowchart at (Infographic) Selfies. Love them or hate them, we can’t escape them. I love seeing faces pop up all over the web of my friends and people whose work I respect. What I don’t like is the word, “Selfie.” It just sounds ridiculous.

On Facebook yesterday, I asked for your opinions about selfies. So far, we have over a hundred comments and it is still going.


See the whole conversation and join in here. 


My favorite comment was from George Smith, Jr-

 Selfies are like establishing shots in a movie. When done right – it adds context, gives the viewer a chance to see the person behind the camera. When done too often, seems like a mess with no “story” to it. The best people online use photos to establish a storyboard for their life.

One of the biggest take aways from the conversation on Facebook is that most folks love seeing each other’s faces, but many feel awkward or uncomfortable sharing their own self-portraits. Some think it is a bit narcissistic, but most do not.

The truth is, the selfie discussion itself is a big mirror that reflects our individual views on much more than just self-portraits online.

We are part of a cultural shift where CEOs, solopreneurs, pastors and farmers are sharing their daily lives. Selfies can be used brilliantly to tell the stories of who we are, our day-to-day lives and, as George said, to let people see the person behind the camera.

Not only that, faces in images are good for business. They are 38% more likely to get likes and 32% more likely to get comments. 

If you are still unsure of whether you should post a selfie or not, here is a handy flowchart.

Should You Post a Selfie- Alli Worthington (Infographic)


What do you think? Pro-Selfie or No-Selfie?

  • lindseyrnobles

    Love this!

    • Alli Worthington

      Thanks Lindsey. :)

  • Britt Reints

    “Do you need validation? Call a friend.”


    This could apply to most tweets and FB updates also. The Internet is so wonderful for connections, but it is a dangerous place for validation.

    • Alli Worthington

      Yep! It’s the filter I use for myself. If I’m a bed mood, I know to stay offline and call a friend. I write these posts for myself as much as anyone else. Ha!

    • Rj Adams

      Britt, I totally agree with your comment above.

  • Janel Messenger

    lol LOVE! : D

    • Alli Worthington

      Awesome. Glad you liked it, Janel!

  • turner_bethany

    This is great, Alli! I dislike the term selfie too. There can be so much more to those pictures than just to post a picture of ourselves.

    • Alli Worthington

      Instead of #BanBossy could we #BanSelfie. “We love the pictures, but that word sucks.” Ha!

      • turner_bethany


      • Anne Parris

        I’m not a fan of the words “blog” or “vlog”. Ugh!

        • Alli Worthington

          Blog and vlog are terrible. They really are just awful words. I try to use ‘website’ instead of blog as much as possible. Vlog? Awful.

  • Ros Adcock

    Love it! :)

  • Toye

    This is great. I like when I see people I look up to in selfies. In a weird way, it reminds me that they are in touch with the times, and they are no different than you and me. I also love that the flow chart has a motive check built in. Now if we could make people ask themselves these questions before they post anything. lol Me included. I’ve been guilty. I need to do better of not using social media to validate myself.

    • Alli Worthington

      Me, too! Well said! :)

  • angelaengland

    The first question had me CRACKING UP! I like selfies that have a purpose and a reason. I’ve even posted a selfie or two myself when there’s something fun going on. I like seeing my favorite people in my insta stream from time to time – it (almost) always makes me smile. :-) Perfect chart – perfect.

    • Alli Worthington

      Hey kids, “No selfies at funerals, hospitals or locker rooms, Ok?” Ha

  • InspiredRD

    I love it! Especially the part about bragging about who you’re with.

    • Alli Worthington


  • Marnie Ginsberg

    Helpful, smart flow chart. Thanks!

  • Heather Taylor

    Wonderful post Alli! I LOL on the “airbrush out the wrinkles and pores”. Anyone up to sending this over to Miley Cyrus? :-)

    • Alli Worthington


  • Laura Tellado

    I love this post! I don’t really have a problem with the term “selfie.” Hey– we gotta call it SOMETHING, LOL! But I personally try to avoid selfies– mostly because I suck at them, but also because I don’t want every photo on my Facebook page or instagram account to be of just me, me, me.

  • Karren Barlow

    Great flowchart! I have also recently found a website that teaches How to Make a Flowchart and it is very easy to use! I would definitely recommend checking it out!

  • Nicole Morgan

    bwahahahaa, so much this …and I am a horrible selfie taker (and a filter fan!)

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