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Only those who really want to build the business of their dreams and are willing to do the work can work with Alli Worthington.

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How Can You Work With Me and Why You Should Want To!

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With $47.00 and a laptop with a few missing keys, I set out to change the world.  (Well, I really just set out to change my little corner of the world, but wow, did that turn out differently than I imagined!)

In just six short years, I…

  • Built multiple successful platforms,
  • Co-founded BlissDom and BlissDom Canada, the single largest international women’s small business conference,
  • Co-founded and served as the CCO (Chief Creative Officer) of Blissful Media Group, and
  • Founded the magazine for women, Blissfully Domestic

In my spare time, I…

  • Developed and executed successful digital marketing campaigns,
  • Consulted with large technology companies,
  • Worked with many of your favorite household brands,
  • Wrote a popular ebook on iPhone photography, and
  • Started, pivoted and re-pivoted my own personal brand, 

So here’s the thing.

I’ve worked with very large corporations, and that was very fulfilling work. But hands down, the best work I’ve done has been helping individuals realize they have what it takes to build their own business.

I can help you grow your business to what it can and should be. Growing a business is simple, but it isn’t easy.

It’s a step-by-step process that anyone can do, if they’re willing to do the work.

If you’re on the right path, stay focused and don’t get distracted, you can build the business of your dreams and live a life of meaning.

But most people don’t do those things.  They lack focus and get distracted. And that’s why they need a coach, someone like me, to help them see the big picture of what they want to do with their business (and their life).

Does this sound like you?

-Your business has grown and hit a plateau.  You’re motivated, you do the job of 10 people, but you are feeling burnt out and exhausted.  You know you need help but you don’t know where to get help. You need an action plan to take your business to the next level.

-Your business is growing steadily and you are starting to think it’s time to expand but you’ve always done it alone.

-You have a large platform that looks great on the outside but doesn’t actually make money (at least not enough to pay the bills) but the thought of how to transform your platform into a real business is scary. You wonder what the friends on Facebook will say. Will people accept your platform if it has a business model?

-You have a business to build, but you either don’t know where to start or can’t stay focused to get it going?

-You took a class that you purchased from an expert online that promised answers but didn’t live up to the hype. You feel frustrated and guilty because it wasn’t the key to success that it said it was?

I’ll work with you, invest in you, share my knowledge, keep you motivated to move forward, focusing on helping you achieve your highest potential, developing your business to be everything it can be. 

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How does it all work?

 I should begin by saying I don’t work with that many people. My time is limited, and I want to work with people that have convinced me they are serious about working hard and building their business. (Oh, and you have to be a newsletter subscriber too . . . there’s a reason I call them VIPs!)

I want to share all I know about how to build a successful online business and how to build the right systems to scale your online business. Instead of only an occasional phone call, you will have a dedicated secure client space where we dive deep into the details of aligning your individual strengths with your business strategy.

I will be walking with you on your journey and helping you every step of the way. From identifying the right business model for you, to helping your business grow and scale when it is stuck, to developing complete marketing plans, you will *finally* have the help and support you need to get where you deserve to be.


Just one more thing

This isn’t ‘I’ll do it for you’  business consulting.  But it’s not simply coaching either.  It’s a brilliant combination of both (if I do say so myself!)

I’m often asked, “What is the difference between a coach and a consultant?” so I thought I’d take a second and clear that up using a simple analogy.

A coach will help you understand how and why you drive a car. They’ll help you see what’s holding you back from driving, and even ride in the passenger’s seat making sure you remember the details and master the skills.  A coach will challenge you, encourage you, and motivate you until you are driving solo.

A consultant will explain why one car is better than another; supervise as you purchase the car, teach you how to drive, help you map out your route and then point you in the right direction.

I’m along for the ride until you reach your destination. And a mentor ready to help you along the path as you continue the journey. 

My coaching isn’t about asking questions and hoping to get you to realize what to do, it’s about actually sharing real business wisdom and experience in the online media world. When you need help, you need someone who has been there and done it, not someone who just talks about it.


You have a dream to build

You need someone to kick you in the pants, clarify your vision, help you get unstuck, map out a strategy to scale your business, keep you focused and moving forward.

You have what it takes.

Let’s get started!

If you’re ready to work  (and don’t even play, I mean if you are seriously ready to work)  then complete this survey to be added to the waitlist.  If I think we will be a smart fit, and I have a place in my schedule to accept new VIP Entrepreneurs, then I’ll contact you directly.


xo, Alli



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