Behind the Scenes at the Today Show

Here's the video from Monday's Today Show appearance. Last time I was on, I didn't post anything here. (I'm sorry!)  Well, your wish is my command!

Today we'll do an 'Ask Alli' with the most common questions I've received when I've been on The Today Show.

"Did you take a selfie in the greenroom?"

No. When I'm in the greenroom I'm solely focused on looking like I'm not terrified. And no one ever uses their phones to take pictures when they are waiting backstage. Except the Housewives of Orange County, who almost scared me to death when they walked in.

At one point. the Housewives were all posing for photos in front of me as I sat in a chair trying to look casual. As they snapped pictures I leaned over and made faces. Somewhere there are lots of pictures of them with their assistants and they will notice a crazy lady making faces between them in the background. (Protip- You really should notice who you stand up in front of and start taking pictures.Heh)

"What are Kathie Lee and Hoda like off camera?"

Both times I've been on, they have been awesome. They are as kind, funny and as down to earth as they seem on camera. Seriously, amazing women!

"Do you get nervous?"

Does this face look nervous? Yeah. It really does.

Yes. But I love live TV much more than having a camera crew come to my house and edit it later (like GMA did last Fall). Editing can be good and editing can be really bad.

I've been lucky, when Good Morning America came to my house for a segment, they were wonderful but some edits are not so kind, you just never know. Plus, Kathie Lee and Hoda are awesome, so doing a segment with them is a breeze.

I always feel like my life is flashing in front of my eyes and have no clue what I actually said until I look on Twitter or Facebook and see what y'all are saying. I often *joke* my goal is survival, it's not completely a joke.

"Did you have time to do anything else or just fly in for the segment?"

I was there for almost 24 hours. I arrived Sunday afternoon, checked in to the hotel, and stopped by St. Patricks Cathedral for Palm Sunday and decided to go to the observation deck and watch the sunset.

If there's ever a chance I'm likely to sit and be anxious, it's always best for me to go do something. There's nothing like a little Church and a great view of NYC to remind myself to stop being so focused on myself.

Here's my favorite shot from the evening via Instagram.

I spent the rest of the evening getting coached by my media coach, Danielle Smith. Who not only helps me focus, but picks my TV outfits for me. See? Everyone needs a coach! (Thanks, D!)

The next morning, I arrived at the Today Show studios at 9 and went to hair and makeup, and then hung out in the greenroom with Jeremy Piven and did my best not to be terrified by the housewives.

Here's my favorite photo from the trip-

Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times. On the front of 30 Rock, from Isaiah 33:6.

The rest of the photos from my iPhone are here on Facebook. 

(Top Photo Credit: Thanks to Christine Caine for grabbing the picture from the show for me!)

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