Welcome to the Breaking Busy digital toolkit

Thank you so much for joining the Breaking Busy way of life. In this toolkit you will find images to share, your decision making framework, a time diary and more. 

I believe that Breaking Busy should be done together. As you share moments in your life where you are #BreakingBusy be sure to use the hashtag so we can find each other online. 

The #BreakingBusy lifestyle is not about dictating how anyone "should" live, but about being generous to ourselves and others and encouraging each other to live as God called us. 

You can connect with me online here: Instagram @AlliWorthington, Twitter @Alli and Facebook @ItsAlliWorthington

For the full library of images you can download to your computer and use on Social Media or blog posts to share the #BreakingBusy message click here. Simply find the images you want to use and download them to your computer. It's that easy! 

If you have any trouble downloading the pictures directly here just right click (on a Mac click your trackpad and control at the same time to right click) and it should work!