Do Blogs Make Money?

Do blogs make money?


You're working so hard to turn your blog into a business, but as of yet, you aren't seeing a profit from all your efforts. You read other blogs and it seems like they are killing it.

They’ve got corporate sponsors, a gazillion retweets, enough comments to write a novel, and they even have a cool “featured on” page showing all the places they’ve been featured.

Have you asked yourself any of these questions:

How are those other bloggers getting rich off their blogs, and why can’t I do it too?

How do blogs make money?

How can I turn my blog into a business?

Here is the surprising answer to those questions. 

Most bloggers are not getting rich off their blogs.

In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that most bloggers aren’t even making enough money to pay for the laptop they type them on. I know, I was there once, I started my first business as a blog in 2007 with 47 dollars and a laptop with missing keys. I wish I had known how to build the business step by step back then! 

So how do you take your dream of turning your blog into a money making machine and turn it into a reality? Well first you have to...


In his book, Good to Great, Jim Collins says that...

if you want to build a business that will not only succeed, but that will go from average to phenomenal (good to great) you have to be willing to confront the brutal facts.

And as hard as that is to do, I want to help you confront the brutal facts about blogging and your business.  I want you to succeed. 

So I’m willing to stick my neck out and help you confront the brutal facts, then help you move forward and build the business of your dreams. If you don't know the truth about what it takes to take your blog to the next level so it can bring in revenue and grow into a real business, then how will you ever get there?

I'm here to give you the truth so you can decide what you want for your blog. Ready? Here we go... 

5 Brutal Facts About Your Blog

1.  Your Blog is Not a Business

It might feel like a business because you are working so hard to make it a success.

But a business generates an income, it provides some degree of financial freedom, and it typically solves a problem or meets a need.

If you have a blog that is a platform, and not a business, read this on how to build a business with a blog.


2.  You won't make a living off of your ad space

The facts are in.  Ads don’t work.  Of course, that is a broad generality, and yes, some blogs can make a few (and I seriously mean “a few”) dollars off of google ads, sidebar ads, and banners.

But there is such a lack of respect as it relates to ads being a source of income generation that those in the marketing industry are now writing comedy about it!

What happens to all those ads when a reader uses a mobile device? Poof. Gone.  Sidebar ads are a short lived dinosaur of a certain time period online.

In short, ads don’t work.

Let this sink in-

You are more likely to complete NAVY SEAL training than click a banner ad.

You are more likely to climb Mount Everest than click a display ad.

The average person is served over 1,700 banner ads per month. Can't remember any, can you?


3.  You aren't weird enough

There are over 450,000 English speaking blogs on the Internet.

Unless your personal life is a train wreck or you’re Brad Pitt’s nanny, you are going to have to work really, really hard to stand out in a sea of other bloggers.

You have to identify your audience, find your niche, and then within that niche you’re going to have to be unique.


4.  You don't have solutions

Businesses solve problems.  They provide goods or services that help people in some way.

These goods or services are something that people will pay for to solve their problems or to meet their needs.

Does your blog solve a problem or meet a need that people would pay for?

5.  You don't have a plan

A business requires a business plan.  A well thought out plan for how the business will be started and how it will generate an income.

It’s okay if you started your blog because you love to write, but if you’re waiting on your blog to make you rich, it won’t.

Because it’s a blog and not a business.

Sometimes I think we just need permission to do the things we love without having to make a living at it.  So I’m giving you permission.  I’m telling you it’s fine for you to have a blog that gives you an outlet for your creativity, allows you to talk about things that are important to you and lets you stay connected to friends and family. You don't have to try to monetize your joy.

And when (and if) you’re ready to start building your business, (even a business that uses your blog as its platform) then I can help. Apply for step-by-step business coaching with me here. 



Do blogs make money?