The One Thing You Need For Business Growth

Business growth. Coaching. Business coach.

People who are the most successful in their field have coaches, from the most successful professional athletes to multimillion-dollar business owners.

When you are really playing to win in business, you have to get serious about your success and get a coach.

The one thing you need for business growth is coaching. 

Success doesn’t come by accident, it takes coaching and consistency. 

Today I’m giving you ten signs that will help you know you are ready for a business coach because I understand that the decision to hire a business coach is an investment, one that you should make carefully.

These ten signs will help you know exactly when you and your business are ready for a business coach. 

10 signs you are ready for a business coach

1.      You feel stuck

From just starting out, to increasing profits, leading a team or scaling for massive expansion: at some point in every business journey, everyone will feel stuck and unable to move forward to the next level. Some people stay stuck and never reach their potential, and others push beyond the obstacle.

For those who are successful, that’s where a business coach steps in. The best business coaches will devote the time to know you well, and know your business inside out. They will be able to help you develop the best strategy to move forward. If you don’t succeed, they don’t succeed.

An outside perspective, especially the trained one of a great business coach, is often just the help you need to get unstuck.


2.      You need an expert confidant to help guide your business

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or the leader of a large team of people, you’ll discover that you need an expert confident to help guide your business.

As a business owner, you have probably already learned how difficult it is to move forward without a “think tank.” The key to survival is surrounding yourself with wisdom and support! A great business coach is someone with whom you can hash out all your potential problems, opportunities, and strategies.

And, if you are an executive leading a team of people, you know that having an expert who isn’t on your team can be so valuable. Not just because of the outside perspective they bring, but also because you can’t exactly confide every business concern with the group of people you are called to lead.

Investing in a great business coach is like having an expert, a think tank, and a team, all at your fingertips.


3.      You aren’t sure exactly where to focus your time and energy

Whether you are doing it all or leading a large team, it’s easy to feel like you’re doing the job of 10 people. There’s always some fire that needs to be put out, a deadline to be met, and a decision that needs to be made. Deciding where to focus your time and energy is one of the most important aspects of running a business.

You know you could spend your time more productively; you just need someone to help you map out a strategy that will help you maximize your time and your energy.


4.      You suffer from shiny object syndrome

The struggle is real. It is so easy to get distracted by the latest software, the latest business course you should take to experience overnight success, or the latest slick advertising campaign.

At its core, shiny object syndrome is typically a sign that you have a million ideas and a million things to do, and you’re just looking for something that is going to make running your business (and your life) easier.

A great business coach is going to cost you half as much as all those other things and is worth twice as much to you and your business. In fact, did you know that businesses that invest in a business coach have a return on their investment of over seven times the initial investment?

It's always smart to invest in making your life easier.  Just do it wisely. 


5.      You aren’t getting the results you want

Maybe you are the world’s best planner, strategist, and decision maker. You have no trouble coming up with new ideas to make your business successful, but you still struggle to get the results you are wanting.

In my experience as a business coach, I have discovered that leaders who aren’t getting the results they want typically struggle from implementation. They have great ideas, just lack real accountability to stay on track and make progress in the right things - the things that matter to grow your business.


6.      Digital marketing freaks you out

Digital marketing can be one of the biggest areas where business owners and leaders waste the most time and money. The most valuable business coaches will help you focus and prioritize, but are also digital marketing experts who can help you boost your sales and your profits in the digital arena.

In this area, the best business coaches should act more like a business consultant and be able to tell you specifically what digital marketing strategy to take and how to implement it.


7.      You feel frustrated at your rate of growth

You’re working more and more hours, but your growth rate and your profits aren’t reflecting the work you’re putting into the business. Growth isn’t automatic. If you are going to grow, you need a wise coach with a plan!

The best business coaches will help you evaluate where the business is now, see where the greatest potential for growth and profits are in the future, and guide you every step of the way.


8.      You need someone who isn’t afraid of keeping it real

Friends, family, coworkers, and subordinates are rarely going to feel comfortable confronting you if they see you going off track. They have too much to lose to be brutally honest with you.

You need someone who cares enough and is invested enough in your business to tell you the truth (and to be someone with an unbiased opinion). Your coach’s bias is only toward your success!


9.      You secretly lack confidence

For many business owners, they never feel fully confident in who they are, where they are headed, and whether or not they have the right expertise to run their business.

The best coaches are part mentor, part cheerleader, and part drill sergeant. They are experienced. They’ve been through the highs and lows of business and can help guide you through them. They are there to remind you of your strengths, encourage you through the hard seasons, and give you a swift kick in the pants when you need it too!

Because of that, you can feel confident that what ever comes up in your business you can depend on them for the wisdom and guidance you need.


10.   You feel overwhelmed

When you add up all that you are doing, and all the other nine signs above this one, it’s easy to see that you might feel overwhelmed. In fact, that’s probably the understatement of the year!

When you start to feel overwhelmed, that’s the biggest sign that you need some outside perspective and some real help to overcome the obstacles.

Research shows that 90% of small businesses fail in the first five years, and I believe it is because the founders of these businesses didn’t pay attention to the warning signs listed above. That doesn’t have to happen to you. You’re reading this because you want your business to grow, to be successful, to help other people, and give you the lifestyle you desire.


If three or more of these signs resonated with you, it is absolutely time to invest in yourself, in your business, and in a business coach.

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