The Strategy for Less Stress in 3 Simple Steps

You know how it seems like everyday you are balancing everything you have to do, with all the things you need to remember?

It all comes down to closing action-item loops.

Every time an actionable item (meeting plans, next steps on a project, etc..) comes up, I have a 3 step system to ensure task accountability for myself and my team.


Three A's of Task Accountability

Step 1. Identity Actionable Item

Next week I'm meeting with a client to coach them in how to choose a new site design. I immediately identify tasks that need to be done to make the meeting a success.


Step 2. Immediately assign tasks

Set up reminders, explain what needs to be done, who needs to do what and when.

Example: I assign a reminder for myself to gather web-usability guideline materials for the call, and I assign one of my team members to gather links to example sites that are both beautiful and convert to sales well.

Each of our assignments has a due date- that point is key. I also set a date for myself to put all the materials together and finish preparation before the client meeting.


Step 3. Assess follow-through

When the item is due or scheduled for completion, it is crucial to have a back-up safeguard to ensure it is done well and accomplished on time.

This is as easy as setting a reminder or creating a calendar event to check for completion.

Example- When I receive the scheduled prompt to assess follow through I combine my work with that of my team member and do final preparations for the client.

It's done well and on time, and I never have to worry, "What was I supposed to do about such and such."


That's it. That's how to always make sure your action loops are closed.

It is as simple as always and immediately doing 3 things: identify action item, assign tasks and assess follow-through.

The 3 step process for closing open loops can be used for business and life (isn't that true for most things?) I also teach my sons to manage their projects and goals this way, too!

Close your open task loops: identify action item, assign tasks & assess follow-through. (Tweet it!)