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Simplicity in Creation: Realize that all you need to create a transformative course is a laptop and an idea – no fancy equipment required.

The Idea Factory: Turn your course creation process into a playground of ideas with the “Wall of Awesomeness”, making brainstorming a breeze.

Misconception Demolition: Break free from the myths that have held back countless course creators, paving a clear path to success.

Quick Win Philosophy: Embrace the power of starting small for big wins, ensuring your course is successful for your students.

Efficiency Multiplied: Learn how to leverage AI to make your course creation not just easier, but 10x more effective.

Audience Not Required: Unlock the secret to making an impact without the need for a sprawling follower count.

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I'm a wife and mom of five sons. We live outside of Nashville with a spoiled golden retriever.

I am a coach and entrepreneur who is obsessed with helping women be more successful in their careers, businesses, and entrepreneurial pursuits.

I built Create a Course to make earning passive income accessible to everyone.

Whether it's through coaching, training students in my programs, writing books, or speaking, my goal is to help women thrive. 

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