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 I Help Women Live The Life They Were Created To Live. 

 I'm a wife, mom to 5 boys, author of Breaking Busy, speaker, Executive Director of Propel Women, business advisor and coach. 

Breaking Busy  

Do you find yourself juggling everything in mediocrity and feeling like you’re succeeding at very little? Do you ever feel like life is just one cycle of crazy busy after another? Then Breaking Busy is exactly what you need!

In Breaking Busy, I tackle the big questions about finding happiness and one’s God-given purpose in a fun, non-nonsense way.

You’ll learn real-life guidance on boundaries, relationships, and self-care, as I go through my own mistakes and walks through how I learned from my missteps and found peace in a world of busyness.

You’ll be empowered to get unstuck, to let go of the good to make way for the great, to know yourself and your Creator, and ultimately to find peace and purpose in this world of crazy.

Breaking Busy will help you:

·      Understand that whatever your age or season of life, new adventures are waiting for you. Walking in your God-given destiny is the best kind of life you can live.

·      Learn how to stop chasing what leaves you empty and start doing what you were created to do.

·      Identify the common lies you believe and how to strip their power from your life.

·      Recognize that your passions and talents can give you clues into your purpose in life.

·      Discover how to overcome feeling a constant pressure to be all things to all people.

If you have ever felt like there is something missing from life and you just can’t figure out what it is, even though it feels like you are busier and busier all the time, this book is for you. You have to start breaking busy before the busy breaks you.   

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