2022-2023 Internship Program Application

Have you have ever wanted to get in on the inside,
learn from those just a few steps ahead of you,
and get real experience?

Every week I receive request after request to
“pick my brain” or to learn from from me.
I wish I could help everyone but there just
isn’t enough time. 

The  Internship is the perfect opportunity to give a
special group of women a way to get coaching,
insights, and experience. 

The 2019-2021 Internship programs were a massive success and I’m opening up a few more spaces to women who are ready to take their work and their lives to the next level 

I want to help you hone your skills, build community, access new opportunities, and get the coaching you deserve. 

You’ll build a strong foundation for your calling and your goals through experience, community, and coaching time with me. 

If chosen for this internship, you will begin training in May, and begin in June and will continue through June 1st, 2023. 

You can work from anywhere! All work is remote. Five to seven hours per week is required. 

Compensation is a monthly one-on-one call with Alli, access to Alli’s trainings and courses, access to all Coach School curriculum, annual membership to Called Creatives, and a monthly group coaching call with Alli. 

Total compensation for internship is valued at $5,797. 

We are looking for people who love helping others succeed and those who love research and teaching others. 

Areas of focus: graphic design, content creation, Social Media, digital marketing, and community management. 

Internship Details

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