Episode #6- Alex Seeley

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I'm with my friend, Alex Seeley, and she shares the most amazing story of her journey to the States, launching a church with her husband, and shares wisdom about seasons of preparation. 

In this episode we discuss:

1.  Her family's amazing journey to Nashville from Australia to start The Belonging Co.

2.  Seasons of hiddeness and training. 

3.  How to hear God. 

4.  How to overcome the crisis of comparison. 


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Favorite quotes- 

You must get to know God’s Word before you can get to know His voice.

When we don’t know who we are we look for everybody else to validate us.

God has an original blueprint for our lives.


Bonus: After the interview join me as I answer your questions about life, faith, and business. 

In this episode, I answer these questions- 

1. Do you have a Bible reading plan you recommend? (41:32)

2. How do you know if a friendship is healthy or toxic? (43:35)

3. I'm starting a new business. Should I use my name or use something else?? (48:03)


Links to great things we discussed- 

1. Tailor Made

2. The Belonging Co 

3. All the Earth Album


Coaching session links: 

5.  She Reads Truth

6. F260 Bible Reading Plan

7. Star Trek (with Chris Pine!) 

8. Greater Things by Mack Brock


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And a big thank you to Jenny and Jen for the wonderful help with show notes!