Episode #34- Andi Andrew

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I’m with the dynamic Andi Andrew discussing the great leap of faith she took with her family, life in NYC with lots of little kids, and liberty.

We are giving away a copy of her book. Be sure to take a screenshot as you listen, upload it to Social Media, and tag me to enter to win!

In this episode we discuss:

1. How Andi and her family took a massive leap of faith

2. The possibility of misplaced worship

3. The story behind Fake or Follower

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Favorite quotes:

1. We misplace our worship whether that’s of self or fame, or more modern culture, or our jobs, or relationships, or emotional highs and addiction above God and we start bowing down to these things and forget to surrender our lives to God and they take over.

2. I wanted to control everything. Control every circumstance and situation and feel safe and to go on an adventure. We say we wanted adventure. We said, "God, I surrender to you. Take me wherever, to do whatever you want." Then when he does, were like, "No not like that. I have this other way that you should do it."

In this episode I answer these questions:

1.  What is your best advice for raising siblings that actually like each other? (35:55)

2. What do you do when you feel overwhelmed by what God has asked me to do? (43:13)

3.  How can I get comfortable with the concept that I need to build my platform for myself and my business? (46:09)  

Links to great things we discussed:
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2. Fake or Follow
3. Defender by Upperroom
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7. Fantastic Beasts
8. Praise Before My Breakthrough by Brian & Katie Torwalt
9. The Year Of Living Happy

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And a big thank you to Adrienne for the wonderful help with show notes!