Episode #42- Anne Bogel

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I’m with the brilliant Anne Bogel today talking about Reading People, personality types, and the love of books.

In this episode we discuss:

1. The secret to understanding yourself

2. How to read people

3. The truth about personality tests

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Favorite quotes:

1. It’s hard to see things about yourself. It’s so much easier to see them about other people because you have some degree of objectivity.

2. (On free online tests)  If you just hit a couple of buttons on the internet, it’s probably not gonna unlock the secrets of your personality.  

In this episode I answer these questions:

1. How do you protect your sons from pornography and have you talked to them about that? (37:14)

2. Is it normal to want to create something outside my everyday career? Can God call me to both fully? (47:17)

3. How do you go about starting a nonprofit? (50:22)

Links to great things we discussed:

1. Anne Bogel ; The Modern Mrs. Darcy
2. Veronica Mars Soundtrack

3. Jess Glynne- Don’t be so hard on yourself

4. Parks and Rec
5. Anne Lamotte - Almost Everything
6. Fatima Farheen Mirza - A Place For Us
7. Jon Cohen - Harry’s Trees
8. Dermstore Beauty Box
9. JohnnySwim- Bridges

10. Blissdom

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And a big thank you to Adrienne for the wonderful help with show notes!