Episode #46- Christie Purifoy

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I’m with the delightful Christie Purifoy talking about the art of tending our lives. Because God is a placemaker placing us in our lives, and he calls us to tend where we are.

This is such a fun conversation and it helped me see my own life with new eyes.

In this episode we discuss:

1. Our call to place making where we are planted.

2. Seeing creation with new eyes.

3. The art of tending in our lives.

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Favorite quotes:

1. When we guard our hearts too much, we also miss out on too much. We only have one life and the years are ticking by and so wherever we are, I think there's something there for us that is worth loving.

2. It’s not just about shaping the places where we live and loving the place we live. It’s also about recognizing all the places shapes us and the ways those places nourish us.

3. I really think that our God is a placemaker God. He not only created this world for us but he carved out special places in it like the garden of Eden or the promise land.

4. When we’re tending our special places, we are living out our role as image bearer really of this placemaking God.

5. The things that we most fear are really not worth fearing because God will be there and it won’t be as bad as we think like his comfort will be that real.

In this episode I answer these questions:

1. I recently parted ways with my best friend of 10 years. How do I grieve someone well who isn’t actually dead? (29:41)

2. If a Christian commits suicide will they still go to heaven? (33:14)

3. How can I find and connect with a literary agent for a long-term relationship? (34:43)

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