Episode #21- Craig Groeschel

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I’m with the powerhouse paster Craig Groeschel talking about the truths that we need to hold on to when we are walking through the dark seasons of life, what healthy faith looks like, and his surprising favorite recommendations.


In this episode we discuss:

1. Where God is in the midst of our pain and trials.

2. That doubt can be part of healthy faith.

3. The steps to take when you’re in a dark season of life.


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Favorite quotes-

1. I’m hoping to give other people in the faith permission to tell the truth, not to deny the doubts. Even at times, embrace them. But don’t run away from God when you have them run to Him and let Him comfort you in the middle of it.

2. When you wrestle you don’t run away from God. You continue to embrace Him and press into Him. That’s where you build real trust and real faith. Not in the mountaintops - you enjoy God in the mountaintops, but you get to know him in the valleys.

3. There are great people of faith, that we look up to in the Bible, that doubted God. That lamented and cried out to God. That screamed out to God and didn’t understand. Yet they were very close to God.

4. Our faith shouldn’t be in the perfect desired result of God delivering what we want. As we really, really mature, our faith is in Him. If we want his power and He gives us grace it’s because His grace is sufficient and it’s what we need.

5. Ultimately our faith isn’t based on getting what we want from God or in life. Our faith has to be in his character, his goodness, his nature, his grace. Our faith is in him. That he is good and his way is perfect.


Bonus: After the interview join me as I answer your questions about life, faith, and business.

In this episode, I answer these questions-

1. What is your policy on chores in your house with all of those boys? (21:47)

2. Why am I afraid to pray out loud? I live in fear of people asking me to pray. (26:47)

3. How can I improve my Instagram engagement? (29:28)


Links to great things we discussed-

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