Episode #35- Francesca Battistelli

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I’m with the Grammy-winning, Artist of the Year, and all around phenomenal Francesca Battistelli and she shares with us what it’s really like to be a mom of four little kids while balancing a big career. She is funny, down to earth, and wonderful!

In this episode we discuss:

1. Balancing her life at home with four young kids and balancing that with touring and creating albums.

2. The real behind-the-scenes of songwriting.

3. The song I voted will be released next for radio play :)

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Favorite quotes:

1. I’m in the thick of it with motherhood. I’m in the thick of it career wise and I can be frustrated about how stressful it is or I can just step up to the plate and ask the Lord to help me and get over myself.  

2. That’s the Lord. He takes your plans and goes, “Yup, nope. We’re gonna alter that a little bit but nice try!”

3. Jesus paid the biggest price for you and you are literally worth the best and don’t settle for anything less in any part of your life.   

In this episode I answer these questions:

1. How do you handle Christmas with a big family without going crazy? (34:30)

2.  What type of church do you go to? Do you prefer a certain denomination, if so why? (39:40)

3. What is Blissdom? (41:20)

Links to great things we discussed:

1. Francesca Battistelli on Social Media: Facebook , Instagram
2. Own it on Spotify
3. Sufjan Stevens Christmas playlist
4. The Green Ember
5. Cocokind Highlighter
6. Ralph Breaks the Internet
7. Crowder’s Hundred Miles
8. Blissdom Conference
9. The Year of Living Happy

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And a big thank you to Adrienne and Beth for the wonderful help with show notes!