Episode #17- Jenni Catron

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I’m with the brilliant Jenni Catron today talking about Enneagram types, how to best love and understand those around us, the phenomenal program we are doing together and the truth about the secret to success! 


In this episode we discuss:

1.  A brief overview of each Enneagram profile

2. The Women in Leadership Coaching Intensive

3. How self-development and personal leadership are key to success


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Favorite quotes-

1. There are different images of God that we reflect as part of our personality. Every type has to be aware of when this goes to the unhealthy side. There’s beauty and there’s great things about each type but anything overused and misused can actually be a detriment rather than a strength.

2. Lead yourself well to lead others better. The hardest person you’ll lead is yourself.

3. One of the secrets of success is surrounding yourself in a healthy community.

4. I love leadership I love helping people understand that sphere of influence you’ve been given, and how you steward that well.


Bonus: After the interview join me as I answer your questions about life, faith, and business.

In this episode, I answer these questions-

1. I learned so much about the importance of  self talk in Fierce Faith. I loved the whole book and it literally changed my life. There’s one thing I still need more help with, I can’t seem to break the habit on negative self talk. Any advice? (47:39)

2.  Sometimes I feel like I can hear God very clearly and sometimes I don’t feel like a hear from him at all. I get panicked when I can’t hear him and wonder if it’s because he is upset with me. Is this normal? (51:53)

3. I keep bumping up against struggles in my business. How do you know if it’s a sign to stop? (56:09)


Links to great things we discussed-

1. Learn more about the Women in Leadership Coaching Intensive with Jenni and Alli

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3. Movie- Won’t you be my neighbor?

4. It Cosmetics- Your skin but better

5. The Path Between Us


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