Episode #73- Jess Connolly

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I'm with the fierce and passionate Jess Connolly today to talk about all things ministry, publishing, and business. 

Jess shares the heart and story behind her latest book "You're The Girl For The Job" and how women can start walking more confidently in their calling, even in the hardest seasons of life.


In this episode we discuss:

1. Why we doubt our roles and abilities and how to combat those feelings of inadequacy.

2. How obedience sometimes looks like less and not "yes".

3. How to lean hard on the faithfulness of God instead of our feelings.

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Favorite quotes:

1. The ultimate truth is I was not the girl for the job. I actually have really messed up some big things and that has been my story. God has still allowed me to be here. He still places me here on purpose and is still using everything I give Him and everything I do for the good of others and His glory.

2. If you want good for others, you’re gonna win. You win. If you want good for others and the glory of God, you’re really gonna win. It might not look shiny and might not look tidy but you can’t lose if you want good for others and the glory of God.

3. A no, for now, is not a no for later.

In this episode I answer these questions:

1. You finally convinced me to give the enneagram a try? Where do I start? (1:04:46)

2. Alli, I have a hard time staying focused and consisted in prayer. What do you do? (1:08:47)

3. What is the biggest mistake you see people make when trying to start their business? (1:14:59)


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