Episode #11 - Jo Saxton

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Featuring Jo Saxton on confidence, not apologizing for our dreams, and thinking forward.


I’m with my brilliant and fierce friend Jo Saxton today talking about how we can thrive as women, how to learn not to hold ourselves back, and the joy that was 90’s R&B


In this episode we discuss:

1. Why we all need a personal board of directors

2. How women can increase their confidence

3. How to think forward and not get stuck

4. Why women often apologize for their dreams

5. The throwback song Jo has on repeat (think 90s!)  


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Favorite quotes-

1. You can actually do both [family and passions/career] if you’re willing to think outside box about what this whole concept of “having it all” looks like.

2. There is no need to apologize for how you are actually wired. You've got to say yes to how you have been wired.  To the talents and the abilities you have been given.

3.  I want to be a catalyst for other people’s success.

4. What would you like to be said about what you have achieved with your one precious life?


Bonus: After the interview join me as I answer your questions about life, faith, and business.

In this episode, I answer these questions-

1. I am unhappy because I box myself in life. I don’t try new things because I am afraid if I start something I will fail and look foolish. Can’t go on living this way. Can you help?  (41:30)

2. What daily devotional do you use? (45:00)

3. What is the best way to monetize a blog? How does the business of blogging work? (45:40)


Links to great things we discussed-

1.  Jo Saxton

2.  Patreon

3.  Seven Minute Workout App

4.  Jo’s new book- The Dream of You

5.  Book: Lean In -  Sheryl Sandberg

6.  Enneagram

7.  TLC - No Scrubs

8.  Movie: Black Panther

9.  Everything Great About Black Panther

10.  Hidden Figures

11.  How Women Rise

12.  Jo Saxton’s Leadership Training

13.  Ezer Collective

14.  New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp

15.  Movie: Cinderella Man

16.  Song: Rita Springer, Defender


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And a big thank you to Melissa and Denise for the wonderful help with show notes!