Episode #48- Kyle Idleman

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I’m with Kyle Idlemann discussing the secret to courage, how to live confidently, and why making the decision to not give up is so crucial for us all.

I’m also answering your questions about how I handle family struggles and personal information in my books, moral failure in leadership (yikes), and if you really need systems in your business.

In this episode we discuss:

1. The need for courage.

2. The confidence we can have in the midst of trials.

3. What weighs us down and how to get through it.

4. How to overcome the lies that cause us to quit.

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Favorite quotes:

1. There’s a difference between putting your arm around somebody and saying to them “I’m so sorry for what you are going through,” and saying to somebody “Get back out there, this is not the time to give up. This isn’t the time to quit.”

2. We want comfort but what we really need is courage.

3. Faith is this idea of sticking with the puzzle even when we don’t understand how the pieces come together.

4. As a follower of Jesus, I know who does have what it takes. I know who my confidence can be in. Instead of focusing on what I don’t have, we focus on what He offers.

5. Perseverance leads to happiness.


In this episode I answer these questions:

1. How do you deal with writing about family issues and struggles in your books? (39:16)

2. If a Christian commits a sexual sin, is this forgivable? If so, why are ministers who have moral failure asked to step down? (46:12)

3. I’m a creative entrepreneur and I hate systems. So far it hasn’t hurt my growth. Do I have to build systems or can I stay successful without them? (53:15)

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