Episode #52- Mandy Arioto

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I’m with the wonderful Mandy Arioto, the CEO of MOPS International. Mandy shares about her latest book Have More Fun and the journey that took her from an achievement driven life to a life of richness and enjoyment.

Mandy also shares why she painted a soldier pink and why we should muster up one audacious "ask" a week.

In this episode we discuss:

1. Why we all need to learn to have more fun

2. The difference between fake fun and real fun

3. A key to learning to have more fun as a mom

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Favorite quotes:

1. Isn’t that kinda how our lives work? It’s like taking that next step, saying yes and having no clue where that will take us but it will always turn out in remarkable ways.

2. What I recognize over the course of choosing to have more fun is that one of the most important things I can do as a parent is to enjoy my kids and to really embrace all the nuances in any given season they are in.

3. A really essential part of me being a more fun mom was loving whatever stage we were in.

4. When we’re not afraid to ask, doors open for us that never would have before.

5. I think it’s really important to differentiate between fake fun and real fun because real fun restores our body, rejuvenates our soul and fake fun really depletes our reserves.

6. We really need to differentiate for ourselves and determine what do we enjoy.

In this episode I answer these questions:

1. I have terrible social anxiety. Can you help me feel more confident around others?  (38:49)

2. If someone wanted to start reading the bible for personal growth, where would you have them start? (46:00)

3. How do I balance the work I need to do now with my creative dreams for future projects? (48:28)

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