Episode #64- Melanie Dale

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I’m with the wild and hilarious Melanie Dale who coaches us through the terrifying process of making new friends.

We'll talk about how to effectively put ourselves out there no matter our personality type,  the importance of staying authentic, and how to round the "bases" of friendship.

In this episode we discuss:

1. How to bravely make female friends

2. Advice for introverts and extroverts when approaching new friendships

3. The horrifying and hilarious fail that Melanie experienced when she tried to host the perfect girlfriend gathering in her home

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Favorite quotes:

1. There are two different kinds of people. There are people who are naturally gifted at initiating and there are people who that’s not really their thing. I think if you are an initiator that’s a superpower that not everyone has and you need to realize that.

2. I think we affirm people. We’re developing a sense of trust. You can share your real beliefs and your real feelings and the way that you do life and the way you’re raising kids. You can share that with me and I’m not going to be judgy about it. I’m going to listen and I’m gonna be interested more about you even if we arrive at different conclusions. 

3. Don’t bother putting on airs because your kids or pets will out you as the faker you are. 

In this episode I answer these questions:

1. How can I become a more bold and courageous woman? (45:44)

2. What do I do if I think God is telling me one thing but no one in my life supports it? (56:50)

3. I’m multi-passionate in my pursuits, can I launch my brand and focus on multiple things at once?  (1:01:44)



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