Episode #67- Nicole Unice

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In this episode, the inspiring Nicole Unice is going to call us to the next level of purposeful living, share why leaders should embrace humility and live transparently, and the key to living brave and courageous


In this episode we discuss:

1. What it looks like to live brave and courageous enough for today 

2. Why we shouldn’t be the hero in our own stories 

3. And why hustle alone will never be enough

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Favorite quotes:

1. You actually can’t have anything redeemed unless its broken. Redemption is a word that means inherently that something is broken. Something needs to be fixed or healed or need to be undone or unbound.

2. We all have these amazing incredible lives that God’s given us and every single person has a great story in their life.

3. That is where courage is. We get to these places like a rock and a hard place and we have this moment of clarity where we set intention for who we want to be and we just kind of have to jump off the cliff in that direction.

In this episode I answer these questions:

1. I feel guilty when I practice self-care, help? (58:05)

2. What’s a great devotional that my husband and I can share? I don’t want anything girly! (1:01:11)

3. How do you do your podcast graphics with the audio graphic and the captions? (1:02:25)

Links to great things we discussed: 

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