Episode #50- Scott Sauls

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I’m with Scott Sauls talking about calling, irresistible faith, and building grace-filled communities

In this episode, senior pastor of Christ Presbyterian in Nashville, TN, Scott Sauls shares about his latest book Irresistible Faith. Scott shares how intimacy with Christ allows us to imitate Christ and gives insights into life-giving and grace-filled communities. He also shares how our faith can be a natural part of our relationships and conversations.

In this episode we discuss:

1. The significance of our calling
2. How to live out our irresistible faith
3. The importance of our local church

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Favorite quotes:

1. Anyone and everyone can get in on the mission of God.
2. Being a life-giving representation or aroma of Christ in the world is about seizing the moments we’ve been given and the opportunity we’ve been given, the influence we’ve been given whether it’s with 10,000 people or 10 people or one.
3. Anyone who is restoring a broken person, broken place, a broken thing in any capacity is doing the work of God just as much as a pastor is doing the work of God.

4. I think we can be encouraged that God isn’t calling us to be awesome. We don’t have to get all of our act together before we can make a difference in the world.

5. Our primary call is to be loved and forgiven. And from there to go out and serve as best we can, but to realize that when we fall on our face we been given the grace to get back up and start walking again.

6. Do everything you can to get close to Christ to know him personally because that’s where your fuel, that’s where your energy, that’s where your power is going to come from to make a difference.  
7. Here’s the thing about the local church, it enables you to participate in things you can’t imagine doing on your own.   


In this episode I answer these questions:

1. How can I motivate myself to make changes in my life? (36:33)

2. Did God create evil if he created everything? (44:14)

3. How do you keep your email from getting overwhelming? (45:49)

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