Episode #25- The Year of Living Happy

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This is a special episode of the show because it is launch week for my new book, The Year of Living Happy.

I like to think of this show as “everything you ever wanted to know about happiness but didn’t know who to ask!”

I’m answering your questions, and I don’t hold anything back! You’ll learn why I believe some popular sayings about happiness that are shared on Pinterest and from the pulpit are unbiblical, my own struggles with overcoming depression and finding happiness, and why as women of God we have the responsibility to invest in our happiness.

In this episode I share-

Why I think the statement “Do more of what makes you holy not happy” is unbiblical.

The answer to the debate on if there is a difference between happiness and joy.

My own struggles with depression and hope for those who live with it.

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Questions I answered in this episode-

1. Can you please settle the do more what makes you happy versus holy debate! (2:58)

2. What is the difference between joy and happiness? (7:08)

3. Is contentment the same as happiness? (12:15)

4. Do you believe that those struggling with depression can be happy again? (14:40)

5. I’m a stay at home mom, something I’ve prayed for but I lost my joy. How do I fight back? (17:49)

6. I’m obeying God but what He’s asking me to do isn’t making me happy. What do I do? (25:19)

7. How do you find happiness when all doors close and everybody claims its God’s will? (26:36)

8. How do I find happiness when I don’t think God is answering my prayers? (26:45)

Quotes from this episode-

1. The statement that God wants you to be holy and not happy is unbiblical.

2. There is no happiness on this earth. No real, authentic, long-lasting, meaningful happiness outside of God's will for us.

3. There is nothing in the bible that separates the concept of joy and happiness. They have one in the same meaning according to the original languages of scripture.

4. When we separate God from our happiness and from our longing for happiness, we undermine the Christian worldview. -Randy Alcorn

5. We need to trust that God is good. Even when things seem bad, that God puts us on a path and a journey that may not be especially happy at the moment, but He has good for us. That His desire for us is happiness in Him.

I hope you love this special solo episode and run out to Target this week and pick up The Year of Living Happy. Get one for yourself and 9 of your friends. :)