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Drop the “good mom” myths that have been stealing your happiness. Rediscover the beautiful, joy-filled, sacred and secret art of confident motherhood. Here’s how to start.

Guilt-Free Motherhood

Guilt-Free Motherhood

You want so much to be a "good" mom. Yet, you're afraid you aren't. 

There's hope. You are on the right track.

This is a book for you: the moms who feel you have lost a part of yourself. It will help you relieve the invisible pressure you feel to be a perfect mom. Discover the Secret Art of Confident Motherhood, so you Remain You While Raising Them.

You Are Not Alone.

Do you feel like other moms have it all together, while you struggle silently?

I need this today!

If you’ve forgotten what it means to care for yourself while caring for others, this book is for you

If you want to feel energized by motherhood, this book is for you

If you constantly feel weighed down by mom guilt, this book is for you

If you can’t stop comparing yourself to other moms, this book is for you

If you’re looking for ways to protect your emotional, spiritual, and physical health, this book is for you

If you can’t break the cycle of pleasing others, this book is for you

If you crave more meaningful relationships with your children, this book is for you. 

I can confidently say, you do. I’ve been raising kids for 24 years, and things didn’t get easier until I realized I still mattered.

I don’t want it to take you decades to realize that, too. 

Who Needs This Book?

This book is for the mom who is ready to live a life outside the unachievable cliche of “Supermom.”

Ask yourself this: Are you really enjoying the journey of parenthood… or are you just trying to survive?

If you’re ready to rewrite the parts of motherhood that are stressful and exhausting so you can raise your little–or not-so-little–humans with a healthy mom mindset, it’s time to discover the secret art of confident motherhood.

You deserve a guilt-free guide to motherhood.

This book is for you

Learn how small changes can be your superpower.

We don't have to do everything all at once. 

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Discover the five good mom myths that feel like truth.
Develop simple new tools that will help you unlock an easier, healthier, happier way to live.

A dive into the problem with modern motherhood.
+ Mom Guilt
+ Emotional Health
+ Mom Superpowers

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"A Mom's Guide to Reducing Your Mental Load" is a three-session guide to getting the help you need, reducing unnecessary responsibilities, and practicing true self-care.

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There is power in prayer and a praying mom is the best thing you can give your child.

Get this 30-day guide to praying for your child. 

30-day guide to praying for your children

Get answers to questions such as:
+ Breast or bottle?
+ What is the best age to send my child to kindergarten?

Guide to parenting best practices based on research

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- Crystal Paine

From the moment I opened this book, my heart felt a huge relief and a big dose of encouragement. 

 If you've ever felt like you're failing your kids or that you just don't have what it takes to do this motherhood thing well, Remaining You While Raising Them is just the book you need to feel less alone and be infused with practical truth and inspiration to keep on keeping on . 

You’re allowed to enjoy motherhood-
and pursue it in your own unique way.

Remaining You While Raising Them
will give you tools and a framework you can return to over and over as you pursue a life you love while raising children you love.

Here’s your permission slip.

I know you want to be a wonderful mother. And you're worried you aren't. Whether you arrived at motherhood by birth, adoption, or marriage, you want to get it right.

Me too.

I spent too many years caught in the trap of lies that surround modern motherhood. I want more for you than that. You're worth it!

This book will reassure you that you ARE worth it and give you the tools to enjoy motherhood more!

Remaining You While Raising Them, may just change your life.

If we haven't met yet, I bet we have more in common than not.

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Listen as I narrate my book!

If you’ve tuned in to The Alli Worthington Show, you’re going to love the audiobook of Remaining You While Raising Them!

listen on the go!

- Christy Wright

If you're a mom who can't remember who she was before motherhood, get this book now! Remaining You While Raising Them is an encouragement for any mom who wants to feel confident and fulfilled in not just her parenting but her own life too. 

and get your free bonuses!

- Hannah Brencher

This is the book I needed when I first became a mom, and it's the one I will keep revisiting for many years. If you're looking for a new narrative surrounding motherhood, you'll find it here.

I've put together a thoughtful guide to spark helpful conversations and make meaningful connections.

After you order, you'll get access the workbook and Book Club Leaders Guide!

Start a Book Club!


This Book 
is for you if... 

on the fence?

+ A 30 day guide to praying for your child
+ Latest best practices parenting research
+ Workbooks, Book Club Guides and more!

Oh, and let's not forget the bonuses...

• Feel confident in your motherhood 
• Reduce your mom guilt
• Learn practical tools to make life easier
• Discover how to get your needs met


- Sharon Hodde Miller

As a young mom, I constantly feel crushed by advice. There is always more I could be doing, as social media is ever ready to remind me.

For moms of this generation, shame looms large, so when I first opened this book, I was nervous. Thankfully, my fears were instantly relieved. This book is good news for mothers.

It is a lighter way to parenting with impact. With her signature wisdom and humor, Alli offers herself as the most generous mentor. I so enjoyed reading this book, and you will too!

- Stephanie May Wilson

This book is exactly what I've been looking for as a new mom. Alli's words have inspired me to ditch old ways of thinking and embrace my style of motherhood while cheering on others who are doing the same. I'm tearing through this book, highlighting things, texting quotes to my friends, and writing Alli's reminders on the back of my hand!

What's your Mom Superpower?

Discover your unique strengths, gifts, and find out what others wish you knew! 

Take the Quiz!

You will identify your 3 superpowers that will help you enjoy and celebrate who you are as a mom.



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