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Secrets of success- Reading from Alli Worthington

Secrets of Success: How Reading Gives You an Edge

Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved reading. I was the girl who checked out all 20 books, until they told me I couldn't check out anymore at one time. My favorite books were always about practical wisdom. (I've always had a special appreciation for Benjamin Franklin!) I'm all about Secrets to Success. By this I mean key lessons, beneficial behaviors, and bits of wisdom that just … Read More →

Should you post a selfie? From

Should You Post That Selfie? This Flowchart Can Be Your Guide.

Selfies. Love them or hate them, we can't escape them. I love seeing faces pop up all over the web of my friends and people whose work I respect. What I don't like is the word, "Selfie." It just sounds ridiculous. On Facebook yesterday, I asked for your opinions about selfies. So far, we have over a hundred comments and it is still going.   See the whole conversation and join in … Read More →

How to use Pocket like a Pro like

10 Ways to Use Pocket Like a Pro

"Hm. This looks interesting. Let me bookmark it to read later." How many times over the years have you done that? Countless, I'm sure. Me, too. I don't make space during the week to read everything  I want, so I save a lot of it for time I've set aside for just this (generally evenings or weekends). However, bookmarks? They are a thing of the distant past. When I want to tuck something … Read More →

comparison trap,

The Worst Way to Measure Your Success

We all do it. We compare our lives, our businesses, our bodies, our families, our kids, our houses. And even though we hate how it makes us feel, we do it anyway. For many of us, the trap of comparison has become almost like second nature. Today we are going to dive into what the comparison trap is, how it affects us and how to overcome it. I have a friend who ran a marathon when she was 50 … Read More →

iPhone tips, productivity,

25 iPhone Productivity Tips

Our iPhones are really part communication device, part computer, part camera, part photo album, part personal assistant, and part handy research library With all of these capabilities, it's no wonder we miss some of it's nuggets...even some of the best functions it has to offer. Did you know you can hook your iPhone up to a keyboard? And that there are ways to save battery life...and even … Read More →

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