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Cinderella Glass Slipper copy

On Jamming My Feet Into Dreams That Don’t Fit

I may as well go ahead and confess it now (because when my book comes out next year you're going to know it anyway..but more on that later) but I am a sucker for a good Disney classic. So you can bet I was excited to see Disney's new version of Cinderella. The thing is, when you're the only girl in a house of 6 men, getting a date to see a princess find true love can sometimes be a little … Read More →

How to add spaces to instagram captions from Alli Worthington

Instagram Secret: How to add spaces on Instagram captions

Instagram is my favorite social network, I love to see what you are doing, I love to see your face (See the "Should I post this Selfie" flowchart), and I love to see what is going on in your world. What I don't love is how tough formatting is on Instagram. Spaces and line breaks are crucial to writing well online, so today I'm going to share a work around for editing your Instagram … Read More →

How to Manage expectations by Alli

Manage Expectations So They Don’t Manage You

Expectations. There are two ways they can shackle you, and make your professional and personal lives far more difficult than they ever need to be.  But, Alli, expectations are good! It’s a good thing to have standards and expect for them to be met. Ah, yes. Standards are mandatory. But there is a critical difference between having agreed-upon criteria for behavior or performance, and … Read More →

The Just In Case disease. How to make decisions, by

The Trick That Simplifies Decision Making

Research shows that an abundance of options can paralyze us. There’s a classic study that showed people purchased more jam from a supermarket when there were fewer options presented to them. They just got overwhelmed by too many choices and left without buying any. I've seen this happen often with both clients and friends. People prefer to have two or three options presented to them; more than … Read More →

Boost Your Creativity with Breaks

How to Boost Creativity During the Day

"How do I schedule my day?" I hear this question from clients and friends alike. Deciding how to structure our time and steward  our resources is top of mind for all of us.  We’re working longer. But that doesn’t mean we’re getting any more done. Of course, scheduling your work day depends on lots of factors. If you work in an office, home office, what type of work you do, etc.. No matter … Read More →

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