Welcome to the Breaking Busy digital toolkit

Thank you so much for joining the Breaking Busy way of life. In this toolkit you will find images to share, your decision making framework, a time diary and more. 

I believe that Breaking Busy should be done together. As you share moments in your life where you are #BreakingBusy be sure to use the hashtag so we can find each other online. 

The #BreakingBusy lifestyle is not about dictating how anyone "should" live, but about being generous to ourselves and others and encouraging each other to live as God called us. 

You can connect with me online here: Instagram @AlliWorthington, Twitter @Alli and Facebook @ItsAlliWorthington

For the full library of images you can download to your computer and use on Social Media or blog posts to share the #BreakingBusy message click here. Simply find the images you want to use and download them to your computer. It's that easy! 

If you have any trouble downloading the pictures directly here just right click (on a Mac click your trackpad and control at the same time to right click) and it should work! 

Chapter One: Capacity

Chapter One Handout Discussion Guide

Images to share and enjoy from Chapter One:

Free Chapter One Download

If the devil can't make you bad, he'll make you busy. http://breakingbusy.com #BreakingBusy Click to tweet-> http://ctt.ec/8eT2Q

Just say no to unnecessary crazy. http://breakingbusy.com #BreakingBusy Click to tweet-> http://ctt.ec/H3eQc

Out-of-control emotions often reflect the out-of-control expectations we put on ourselves. #BreakingBusy Click here to share-> http://ctt.ec/ofM98

What have you said yes to that you wished you'd said no? http://breakingbusy.com #BreakingBusy Click here to tweet->http://ctt.ec/Z3SXA

Chapter Two: Relationships

Chapter Two Handout Discussion Guide

Unless our real relationships are strong, no number of likes and comments will fill our soul. http://breakingbusy.com #BreakingBusy Click to tweet-> http://ctt.ec/8eT2Q

The best measurement I have for a true friend? They pour life into me instead of draining it out. #BreakingBusy click to tweet->  http://ctt.ec/U3o3a

Chapter Three: Calling

Chapter Three Handout Discussion Guide

Your passions and talents give you a clue into what you were created to do. http://breakingbusy.com #BreakingBusy Click to tweet-> http://ctt.ec/3YRd6

Chapter Four: Editing

Chapter Four Handout Discussion Guide

God’s 'no' always prepares us for his perfect 'yes'. http://breakingbusy.com #BreakingBusy Click to tweet-> http://ctt.ec/q6Lf6

Chapter Five: Thoughts

Chapter Five Handout Discussion Guide

Gratitude is the antidote to anxiety. http://breakingbusy.com  #BreakingBusy Click to tweet-> http://ctt.ec/p47aE

God does great things through flawed people. http://breakingbusy.com #BreakingBusy Click to tweet-> http://ctt.ec/X12Qi

Chapter Six: Traditions

Chapter six Handout Discussion Guide

Traditions don’t have to be expectations. http://BreakingBusy.com #BreakingBusy. Click to tweet-> http://ctt.ec/7mUNv

Chapter Seven: Time

Chapter Seven Handout Discussion Guide


The best way to find time in your life for what you love is to say no to the things keeping you from it. http://breakingbusy.com Click to tweet-> http://ctt.ec/at0vk

Chapter Eight: Decisions

Chapter Eight Handout Discussion Guide


Chapter Nine: Communication

Chapter Nine Handout Discussion Guide

Loving someone with all your heart still won't give you mind reading power. http://BreakingBusy.com #BreakingBusy. Click to tweet->  http://ctt.ec/P5SKT

Chapter Ten: Worth

Chapter Ten Handout Discussion Guide

Breaking Busy is a daily choice to replace busy for best. http://breakingbusy.com #BreakingBusy Click to tweet-> http://ctt.ec/MKceq

The key to knowing our true worth is by knowing to whom we belong. http://breakingbusy.com #BreakingBusy Click to tweet-> http://ctt.ec/i4ncJ

Breaking Busy Lockscreens

To download these lockscreens, simple right click (control & trackpad on Macs) or click over to the this folder download it directly. Enjoy!