If you've ever wondered if life has to be this crazy busy, this book is for you! 

Have you ever secretly felt like a fraud or failure as you struggle to find balance in life? Do you find yourself juggling everything in mediocrity and feeling like you’re succeeding at very little? Do you ever feel like life is just one cycle of crazy busy after another? Then Breaking Busy is exactly what you need! 

In Breaking Busy, Alli Worthington tackles the big questions about finding happiness and one’s God-given purpose in a fun, no-nonsense way.

Sharing how society’s message of be more, do more, achieve more is keeping us from hearing God’s message to us, that doesn’t say ‘more’, but simply says ‘enough’. You are enough.

Breaking Busy marries research with biblical principles, instilling confidence that you, too, can move from crazy busy to confident calm. Full of refreshing color and uproarious true stories, you’ll unpack truths that dismantle common happiness myths.

You’ll learn real-life guidance on boundaries, relationships, and self-care, as Alli examines her own mistakes and walks through how she learned from her missteps and found peace in a world of busyness.

You’ll be empowered to get unstuck, to let go of the good to make way for the great, to know yourself and your Creator, and ultimately to find peace and purpose in this world of crazy.

Breaking Busy will help you:

Understand that whatever your age or season of life, new adventures are waiting for you. Walking in your God-given destiny is the best kind of life you can live.

Learn how to stop chasing what leaves you empty and start doing what you were created to do.

Identify the common lies you believe and how to strip their power from your life.

Recognize that your passions and talents can give you clues into your purpose in life.

Discover how to overcome feeling a constant pressure to be all things to all people.

If you have ever felt like there is something missing from life and you just can’t figure out what it is, even though it feels like you are busier and busier all the time, this book is for you.

You have to start breaking busy before the busy breaks you.
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Breaking Busy: How to Find Peace & Purpose in a World of Crazy

What People Are Saying About Breaking Busy

My friend Alli will give you a new perspective on this concept she calls breaking busy. She will make you laugh out loud, perhaps shed a tear, and challenge you to think long and hard about the impact busyness has on your everyday life – the choices you make, your interactions with the people closest to you, and your relationship with God.

If you apply the principles Alli outlines in the book then you will not only feel less stressed, and more fulfilled, but you will also live a life of fruitfulness.

Christine Caine

If you have breath in your lungs, you're probably busy. (And maybe even out of breath!) It's easy to get caught up in tasks and to-do's, but in the midst of the manic we lose the beauty of life in exchange for busyness. Stop running in circles and start living in the moments.

With humor and humility, Alli not only shares her candid failures and follies, but gives practical and useful tips on how to break patterns of busyness. Her experiences allow us to enter into her story and learn how to get off the hamster wheel and start living the life we always wanted to live! It's time to BREAK BUSY.

Bianca Juarez Olthoff

I don't know when or how busyness became a status symbol, but I am so glad that in Breaking Busy, Alli Worthington is calling us all back to a better way of living!

Jon Acuff

Breaking Busy is a great read for women who feel like they don't have quite enough hours in the day to finish their to-do list - in other words, most of us! Alli's voice is authentic and witty, plus her content is uber practical.

Whether you're a harried mom with French fries littering the floor boards of your minivan or a high level executive with more meetings than your iCal can keep up with, this book will help you navigate the next season of your life with significantly less stress and a lot more genuinely relaxed smiles.

Lisa Harper

Breaking Busy speaks into the life of every woman who strives to spend her time, energy and talents on the most important priorities in her life. As a working mother authority, Alli Worthington transparently guides her readers through her own life transitions and tough choices sharing her insights in both a thoughtful and whimsical way.

This book brilliantly combines storytelling with action planning for life impacting change.Breaking Busy is a must read for every busy woman searching for peace and purpose amidst the demands of a crazy life!

Dee Ann Turner

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