Episode #70- Bianca Olthoff

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Today, I'm with my battle buddy Bianca Olthoff. With humor and transparency like no other, Bianca is going to get us fired up about finding amazing mentors, avoiding unnecessary ruts and mistakes, and living a life that won't suck.

In this episode we discuss:

1. How to pursue a mentor and get the most out of your time with them

2. What she wishes she would have known in her teens and 20s

3. How she accidentally came up with her brilliant new book title #notsuck

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Favorite quotes:

1. The season and the time that we are in, we are putting forward everything that is awesome. We will post it on Instagram and put a good filter and we’ll tweak it and we’ll geotag from tropical locations. We will do all these things but I think that this is an opportunity for us to go first and for us to tell people this was a really hard season. This is a dark season. This is a season of failure and there are things that I learned. “Hey, you will probably fail, you probably will fall, you probably will falter, but this is how you can shorten up that curve, this is how you can still have your faith intact. Hey, this is some ways you can survive this season of suck in a way you can thrive and not just feel like you are barely making it out.”  

2. I feel like if we can be for each other, we can go further and faster and farther if we sincerely care about this Biblical principle; love your neighbor as yourself.

3. Do you know what our greatest commodity is? Time. So when someone gives you time, don’t squander it. 


In this episode I answer these questions:

1. How do I know if I’m self-sabotaging myself and if I am how do I stop it? (54:06)

2. How do I learn to trust God? (1:01:08)

3. How should the “about me” page on my website be written? What’s the best strategy for success? (1:07:39)

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