Episode #72- Max Lucado

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I’m with the legendary Max Lucado--pastor and author of 44 brilliant books! Max is funny, gracious, and full of wisdom and it was a true joy to have one of my heroes on the show.

Today, Max shares all about his latest book on happiness, what he's learned about Biblical happiness in his decades in ministry, and some simple ways we can pursue it. 

In this episode we discuss:

1. His book-writing process and how why his editor of 30 years is still brutally honest

2. The roadblocks he sees to true happiness and why it's harder than ever to find contentment.

3. Why the simple act of saying "hello" is profoundly important to him 

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Favorite quotes:

1. Happiness is a deeply rooted contentment in life. 

2. I think we can make a great case that God wants us to be happy because happiness makes us healthier, happiness makes us a better husband or wife or parent to our children. 

3. Most people are not joyful or happy. Some people are seriously unhappy and so anything we can do to help them step toward happiness is a great service.

4. The big idea in Scripture when it comes to happiness is happiness happens when we give it away.  

 In this episode I answer these questions:

1. What are some practical things I can do every day to be happier? I want to create an environment of happiness not just for me but for my kids too. (45:29)

2. What is the best faith-based book that you are reading right now and would you recommend it? (49:32)

3. I know so much of building a platform involves putting yourself out there. How do I get over feeling uncomfortable promoting myself? (51:28)


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