Episode #71- Sharon Hodde Miller

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In this episode, I am joined by one of my kindest and most brilliant friends Sharon Hodde Miller to talk about why "nice" can be dangerous. 

We'll also talk about women in ministry and what it looks like to have someone call out your gifts and strengths.

In this episode we discuss:

1. The differences between kindness, harshness, and niceness

2. How to do a heart check for your motivations

3. How to respond to and love others well

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Favorite quotes:

1. It’s really important that when you see a gift in somebody, it doesn’t matter if it is a gift of teaching or preaching or any gift in them because that is how they discern what God created them to do.

2. If you are merely being nice and someone is not nice to you in return then that flips really quickly. It flips into entitlement, flips into resentment, bitterness, cynicism but kindness understands this isn’t to get a response. This isn’t about me. This is about loving people radically and unconditionally the way that Jesus loved us.

3. Niceness can appear to be about others but it’s ultimately about us where kindness is ultimately about others. Christ models this better than anyone else.



In this episode I answer these questions:

1. I learn so much about the importance of self-talk in Fierce Faith. I loved the whole book and it literally changed my life. There’s one thing I still need more help with. I can’t seem to break the habit of negative self-talk. Do you have any advice? (49:14)

2. Sometimes I feel like I can hear God very clearly and sometimes I don’t feel like I can hear Him at all. I panic when I can’t hear from Him and I wonder if its because He’s upset with me, is this normal? (53:30)

3. I keep bumping up against struggles in my business. How do I know if it’s a sign to stop? (57:45)

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