The Tech Gift Guide For Men and Women

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You know I'm all about making things easy and cutting out any extra work or busyness. That's why I've written up a list of some great ideas for Christmas shopping this year. You can order everything from Amazon and never even have to visit a store. Enjoy! 

the dream guide of cool stuff that will make any tech savvy loved one happy.

1. Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is the big hit for the 2015 Christmas season for people who love all things Apple. It's great for that person on your list who has everything and loves having all the latest gadgets. 

2. Bezalel Battery

The Bezalel is a wireless power bank portable charger. This completely eliminates the need to always be on the lookout for a wall outlet to charge your phone. This is especially great for teenagers who are always on the go, and for people who travel for work a lot. Let me tell you there's nothing better than not having to find an empty outlet in a crowded airport! 

3. Stelle Audio Pillars

These bluetooth (wireless!) speakers are gorgeous for home or the office. We all have that cool friend or relative who must have things that are techy but stylish, too. These speakers will make the perfect gift. 

4. A drone with a camera (for epic selfies)

OK, this is great for your husband or uncle but it's also great for kids. My 11 year has already requested that this is all he wants this year! 

6. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo has to be the coolest product on the list. It's controlled by your voice and it can play your music, audio books and let you know what the weather will be. It's crazy cool. 

7. iPad Pro

There's no handier piece of tech in our house than the beloved iPad. I use it for work, the kids use it for homework and we all use it for fun. You can't go wrong with an iPad. 

8. Selfie Stick with a remote shutter button

Don't even laugh about the selfie stick. Sure it is banned at Disneyworld, but nothing is handier for taking great memory-type pictures when you are in a group. No pre-teen or teenager will ever be disappointed with a selfie stick. 

9. The Fitbit Charge HR

The newest Fitbit wirelessly syncs with your phone and keeps track of your heart rate and sleep cycles and just about everything else you can imagine! This is perfect for the health conscious relative or that special someone who needs the nudge to get healthy this year. 

10. Kindle Paperwhite

Now, as an author, I would prefer everybody buy books with pages, but I know the most tech-savvy us us love our Kindles. I've had 3 different kindles through the years (I keep leaving then in airplane seat pockets. Doh!)

Now you know what all the gadget-lovers in your life will be thrilled to get this Christmas! 



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