We've had a rough month...

  We've had a rough February. How's that for beginning my note to you? There's really no other way to frame it. My 15yo son, Jack, had ACL replacement surgery and if you know anything about recovery from that..it's awful. And then 48 hours after surgery his dinner, (that I made him) almost killed him.

A simple dinner with pesto sauce (that he has eaten his whole life) cause a severe food allergy and he went into anaphylaxis. As it turned out he developed a severe allergy to pine nuts. I drove as fast as I could to the ER and ran in the doors yelling, "Someone help me." Luckily the ER team came to the car to help my poor immobile son and quickly had him stabilized.

My Jack is fully recovered from the reaction, and he's doing great in physical therapy and hobbling around the house in a leg brace while his new ACL heals. Me? I think I'm still just a little traumatized from the whole incident. I'm sure there's a wonderful lesson in it all that will end up in a book someday, but it's all just a bit too soon at this point! :)

Even though Jack is healing, he's been super disappointed because an ACL recovery takes 9-12 months before he's in shape to play sports again. To a 15-year-old boy that seems like an eternity. As I coached him through his feelings of disappointment I thought it could be great to share some the advice in an article.

Check out my new article Five Ways to Overcome Disappointment

If you are feeling any disappointment in life I hope it helps, and if not (yay, you!) tuck it away for later..just in case. :)

And as always, I want to share some fun goodies with you...

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