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You are invited to be a part of bringing Fierce Faith to the world!

We will be building a community to come together and dive into what it means to fight fear, have fierce faith, and share the message of how to REALLY DO THIS with the world.

My dream is that you will discover the keys to living confidently with real tools to overcome fear, worry, and anxiety. And then we all get to share the tools with the world!

 As a member of the launch team you will:

  1. Be part of a special private community, Women of Fierce Faith, with me!
  2. Get access to read Fierce Faith together in the community
  3. Get the Fierce Faith Bible Study
  4. Have full access to the Fierce Faith Summit with 18 expert interviews
  5. Have weekly live chats with me in the community.
  6. Of course, get lots of surprises and some fun free gifts :)

I hope this book encourages you, ignites fierce faith, and shows you exactly how to overcome what holds you back.

Here's how to join: 

1. Order a special launch team copy of Fierce Faith for only $5.00. You will get it around Christmas as soon as it is printed!! (We will read the PDF together in the private Women of Fierce Faith community.) 

2. When you get your receipt via email fill out this form

3. You'll get an email back from me inviting you to the community!