Episode #30- Ellie Holcomb

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I’m with Ellie Holcomb talking about creativity, the power of music, and how to walk through tough seasons well.

In this episode we discuss:

1. The creative process.

2. The power of worship as we fight fear.

3. How walking through tough seasons strengthens us.

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Favorite quotes:

1. Something about music taps into the human story and the story that all of us are made to be at home with the one who made us.

2. God flips hard and suffering on its head and says, “Yeah, it’s actually out of this pile of rubble and ashes that I’m going to breathe life and beauty.”

3. It’s almost always through the hard things, that the really beautiful things that seem to resonate with people, are born.

In this episode I answer these questions:

1. I love the Year of Living Happy. Do you have any extra strategies that didn’t fit in those short chapters? (46:28)

2.  I saw that you were preaching on unfulfilled ambition at a church recently. How should we view our ambition as Christians? (51:27)

3. I have never even heard of a business coach. What do you do? (55:44)

Links to great things we discussed:

1. Ellie’s book and EP Who Sang the First Song

2. The Jesus Storybook Bible

3. Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing

4. Ellie’s Song on Repeat - Jess Ray Too Good

5. Ellie’s Movie -  Won’t You Be My Neighbor, The Greatest Showman

6. Ellie’s Reading - Every Moment Holy

7. Ellie’s Thing - ABLE, Unker’s Therapeutic Products

8. https://www.ellieholcomb.com/

9. Rachel Hollis Episode with Alli- The Benefits of Hiring a Business Coach

10. Alli’s message on Unfulfilled Ambition.

11. Alli’s Song - Red Sea Road

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And a big thank you to Lindsay and Beth for the wonderful help with show notes!