Episode #49- Emily Freeman

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I’m with the always wonderful Emily P. Freeman talking about how to do the next right thing, writing, and why we need to wear better pants.

In this episode, Emily shares a fresh perspective on hard decision making and the underlying hope and power that can be found in the process.

She also shares her extensive experience as a writer and entrepreneur and what her creative process looks like when she’s exploring a new book idea.

In this episode we discuss:

1. What it means to be a “soul minimalist” and how to make space for things that really matter...and how to let go.

2. How our own inner critic can hold us back and why we should refuse to give our critic words.

3. Writers are Entrepreneurs.  Emily discusses writing for yourself verses writing for readers…and why all authors need to think like entrepreneurs.

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Favorite quotes:

1. Frustration is actually a fantastic catalyst for creativity.

2. Do we need more books in the world? Do we need more great speakers? I don’t know, maybe. But I think what we need more than that is people that have come alive. So, if writing that book makes you come alive, than we absolutely need it in the world because that is what we are missing. You.

3. I think we live life so much with some of those narratives that happen beneath the surface and we don’t take the time to recognize where they are coming from or whether or not they’re true.

4. The only voice the critic has in our life right now is our own voice, whether that’s the critic that lives in our head that came as a result of our imagination, or if its a critical voice from our childhood or an actual human person in the world but the only power they have now is the power that we give them. But what if we didn’t give them words? How would it change our decision making?

5. Sometimes you have this vivid imagination of what you know the art can be and the fear is what if I can’t get to it. If I can’t find the pathway to get to the story I know this wants to be and that’s where really faith comes in, trusting the process, knowing you are going to have to go through the dark underbelly of the mess to get there.

6. Our bodies have something to tell us and our emotions have something to tell us and if we don’t let them speak, they will speak out of turn.



In this episode I answer these questions:

1. With your specialized diet, how do you handle family meals? (43:08)

2. What are your favorite Christian podcasts? (45:33)

3. Is Blissdom just for business women? I’m an aspiring author and speaker, would it be right for me? (47:56)

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