Episode #7- Hannah Brencher

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I’m with my friend, Hannah Brencher today talking about healing from depression, overcoming obstacles, and finding healthy community.

In this episode we discuss:

1. Her journey with mental health, depression, having a nervous breakdown, rebuilding a new normal.

2. A healthy approach to battling depression, fear, and anxiety in the midst of stigma.

3. How to find and form a healthy community.


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Favorite quotes- 

I had to stop hiding. I had to stop running. I was always wanting to be the impressive person in the room. Like not even in a prideful way, just I think I felt so insecure that I thought if I can just be impressive with the things that I do then maybe people will love me.

I had to pull myself out of the self-obsession that comes with depression and start showing up for other people no matter the cost.

God is bigger. God had a bigger plan. He had a bigger purpose for my life. And I look at it as a testimony to me that the darkness didn’t win. The darkness didn’t get to have me.

It is okay to get help and to talk to a professional and there is no shame in that.

You having depression is not a result of you not praying enough. Never think that you having depression is a result of not praying enough or not reading the Bible enough.

Just because you are in the pit, just because you are going through something that you may even feel like there might not be a way out of it but that’s not where the story ends!” (20:24)


Bonus: After the interview join me as I answer your questions about life, faith, and business. 

In this episode, I answer these questions- 

1. How do you not let information overwhelm you? (43:07)

2. How do I finally break out of the pattern of sin? (45:27)

3. Do you use or recommend personality tests when you hire? (49:48)


Links to great things we discussed- 

1.    Hannah’s new book “Come Matter Here

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5. A Quiet Place in theaters now

6. An American Marriage on Amazon

7. Book of the Month Club

8. Songs:

 Reckless Love - Passion

  Reckless Love - Cory Asbury

  Surrounded (Fight My Battles) - Josh Baldwin

9. DISC Personality Test: https://discpersonalitytesting.com/

10. Enneagram: https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/



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