Episode #55- Jordan Lee Dooley

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On this episode, we are joined by the young and wise Jordan Lee Dooley. Jordan shares the amazing backstory of how she started her online business and turned a college hobby into a thriving business.

She also shares her raw and real story of dealing with body issues and her journey to complete freedom.  

In this episode we discuss:

1. How she turned her side hobby into a thriving business.

2. How we can overcome an unhealthy “pressure to prove”.

3. Setting boundaries around our goals.

4. Her struggle and victory in finding a healthy body image.

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Favorite quotes:

1 I’ve found a lot of times the reasons we don’t do things or step into new things or start small is really a mindset problem and not a skill-set problem.

2.  What we take from social media—what we choose to do with it is actually up to us. And what we choose to internalize is up to us. There is a lot of external pressures, but it is our responsibility as to how we handle those.

3.  When you are so focused on what you are missing out on, you are missing out on where you are, what you can actually do, and the power you have.

In this episode I answer these questions:

1.  What is your favorite beauty splurge this month? I know how you love your makeup. (33:33)

2. My son is in pre-school. We can’t decide whether we should send him to public school, Christian private school, or homeschool. What is your advice for us as Christian parents? (35:55)

3. Would you rather hire a nice fool or a reliable jerk? (39:10)

Links to great things we discussed:

1.  Hold My Girl by George Ezra

2. Cody Johnson (musician)

3. Good To Great Jim Collins

4. Bosch on Amazon Prime

5. Primally Pure Deodorant

6. Dry Shampoo from Moroccan Oil

7. Own Your Everyday  

8. Avenger’s Endgame

9. Blissdom Conference

10. Fab Fit Fun use code ALLI

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