Episode #41- Sheila Walsh

Sheila Walsh

I’m with the amazing Sheila Walsh with one of the most impactful shows we have ever done. We dive into mental health, healing, and rising above what the world throws at you. I think this is a show you will listen to and immediately send it to five friends. It’s that important! Grab a tissue, and a notepad, and get ready to have your life changed with this one!

In this episode we discuss:

1. The importance of taking care of our mental health

2. Why taking care of ourselves is so important for raising the next generation

3.The journey of dealing with buried pain and long-time struggles

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Favorite quotes:

1. To love God when you don’t understand His ways is a greater miracle than an instantaneous healing.

2. Some of God’s most precious gifts comes in packages that make your hands bleed when you open them but inside there something you been longing for your whole life.

3. I think that we as the church have not done a great job in helping us struggling with mental illness sometimes it’s been purely out of ignorance that we don’t understand the process.

4. It’s totally to struggle. It doesn’t mean you love God less. It’s okay to be angry with God doesn’t mean you don’t trust Him. It means you think He’s big enough to handle it.


In this episode I answer these questions:

1. How do you handle differences with all your kids? (42:21)

2.  How should I handle fasting as someone who has a tendency to have an eating disorder? (45:57)

3. What’s the best way to promote products without spamming people? (49:26)

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And a big thank you to Adrienne and Lindsay for the wonderful help with show notes!