Episode #68- Susie Davis on mentorship, life lessons, and confidence

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In this episode, the incredibly wise and gracious Susie Davis talks about her passion to mentor other women.

She also shares the lessons she has learned in life, in ministry, and what she wishes she would have known as a younger woman. 

In this episode we discuss:

1. Why our weaknesses shouldn't stop us from leading and helping others

2. Why women need and can thrive with mentoring

3. How we can point the next generation to vibrant faith and leadership

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Favorite quotes:

1. Show me the man or woman who at the end of their life says “I felt totally confident in my skin every moment, every day of my life because I love God.” I don’t think it works like that. Even when you look at the stories you read in Scripture, they struggled. The people in the Bible struggled greatly. So why is it unusual that we struggle too? 

2. It’s a life of faith and God is asking us to do more than we normally would do if left to our own devices.

3. Most of the learning, and this kind of goes back to mentoring, should be face-to-face, across the table because that’s the only way to really know someone.


In this episode I answer these questions:

1. I love your life tips. What is a simple change I can make in my conversations that will help me seem more confident? (57:16)

2. Why does God not answer some prayers? (58:54)

3. Do I need to create a business plan for my new business? (1:01:46)

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