25 iPhone Secrets and Tips

Our iPhones are really part communication device, part computer, part camera, part photo album, part personal assistant, and part handy research library

With all of these capabilities, it's no wonder we miss some of it's nuggets...even some of the best functions it has to offer.

Did you know you can hook your iPhone up to a keyboard? And that there are ways to save battery life...and even charge up a battery faster? And that even those seemingly simple earbuds have some pretty fantastic little functions themselves?

Let's get started uncovering how your iPhone could be working smarter for you!

25 iPhone Productivity Tips and Tricks

1. Pair Any Bluetooth Keyboard as an Instant “laptop.” 
Go to settings, then general, then Bluetooth. Tada!

2. Scroll Instantly to Top of Any Page.
With an easy tap on the top bar. Done! Very handy for long pages.

3. Pause, Skip, or Replay Songs With Your Earbud Controls. 
You may not be aware that your earbud volume control buttons do more than affect volume. Click the center once to pause the song, click it twice to skip to the next song, or three times to replay.

4. Shoot Photos in Pulse Mode. 
Want to shoot a bunch of photographs in rapid succession? Hold down the button when shooting instead of just tapping; it will keep taking photographs.

5. Share More Than One Photos in Emails or Messages. 
Simply select multiple images while in the camera roll...little blue check marks appear on the images. If the files add up to too large of a size, only Messages will appear as choices. You can also share to Flickr, Facebook, copy photos, and other options.

6. Delete a Mistyped Number on the Calculator. 
The clear button on the calculator app deletes all of the numbers you've entered; but what if you've only mistyped one in a string of numbers? Simply swipe left or right up in the digit field...it will delete the most recently entered numbers.

7. Easy Change Between Alpha and Numeric Keyboards. 
For those times you want to just type one number, you don't have to toggle over to the numeric keyboard. Tap and hold the “123″ button then slide to number key that you want. When you release, that number will have been entered but the keyboard stays on the alphabet board.

8. Banish Banner Notifications. 
In a business meeting and get a silly notification? Swipe right to left on it and it will be deleted. (Now, go change  your settings. You shouldn't be getting silly notifications. Not good for productivity!)

9. Turn off Music with Timer. 
For those evenings that you want to fall asleep to music, go to Clock >Timer > When Timer Ends > Stop Playing. Now music won't play all night, and drain your batteries.

10. *Click* Your Camera Shutter with Your Earbud. 
Use your volume button to trip the camera shutter; just click it and you've taken a photograph!

iPhone Trick: How to control your iPhone camera with your earbuds (<--Tweet it)

11. Give Those Emails Some Formatting. 
You can highlight text by holding your finger over it; a pop-up appears and you can select as much or as little as you'd like. You'll also see an arrow to the right of the options. Tap it and you can select “bold,” “italic,” or “underline” and that will be applied to your selection.

12. Open Spotlight Search. 
Swipe down from the middle of any homepage and quick spotlight search will appear.

13. Close Safari Tabs. 
Now you can have unlimited tabs in Safari, which can be a great thing. However, for those times you just want to shut them all, all you need to do is tap “Private” in the bottom left corner and then “Close All.”

14. Get a Word's Definition Instantly. 
Highlighted the text by pressing down on it, then tap on the arrow at the far right and select “define.”

15. Charge Your iPhone Faster.
Put your iPhone in airplane mode, which is found in settings. It turns off email, phone, texting and other connections to wireless data.

16. Close Out Apps Running in Background. 
Save some battery time by force quitting apps you aren't really using. Double click the Home button and all open apps will appear in a line. To close them, simply flick up the app's preview card.

17. Find Text Message Time Stamps.  
Wondering What Time That iMessage Showed Up? Or was sent, for that matter? Just tap and hold the message and swipe left. The time stamp will show up.

18. Set Reminders to Alert You Based on Your Geographic Location. 
You can set reminders to alert you when you arrive at or leave a particular location or business. Tap the “i” icon in Reminders and toggle “Remind me at a location.” Really helpful when you always forget to get that milk at the grocery store.

19. Invert Screen Colors. 
For low light level conditions inverted colors might be more comfortable. Settings > General > Accessibility and turn on Invert Colors.

20. Go Do Not Disturb. 
When you don’t want any calls or notifications, turn them off by going to Settings > Do Not Disturb. Use “Allow Calls” if you’d like to create some exceptions, like people on your “Favorite” list.

21. Disable In-App Purchase. 
Stay focused on the task at hand and don't let yourself go make purchases when you need to be focusing. (Confession time- I've decided to buy camera app add-ons for hours instead of just finishing the graphics I was supposed to be making.)  Settings > General > Restrictions...scroll down to disable In-App Purchase.

22.  Shake Away Your Mistakes.
Accidentally type something and want to erase? Or retrieve an email you mistakenly deleted? Shake that phone and you'll magically “erase” your mistake.

23. Start a Sentence With an Easy Capital Letter. 
After the end of a sentence, double tap the space bar. Voila. A period and the next letter you type will be a capital.

24. Display Full Names for iMessages. 
For those who want more than just the short name displayed, go to “Turn off Short Name” via Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Short Name.

25. Delete an iMessages. 
Deleting iMessages is not intuitive any more. But you can delete them by tapping and holding on the message, then tap “More.” Select the circle(s) to the left of the message you want to delete.


There you go, now you can be a gazillion times more productive with your iPhone.

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