Episode #37- Beth McCord

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I’m with Beth McCord, also known as Your Enneagram Coach, and we have such an amazing show for you today! You will want to have a way to take notes as you listen. This is a show that is so full of wisdom, insight, and encouragement from Beth!

In this episode we discuss:

1. How to honor how God designed you

2. How Christians can use the Enneagram for growth

3. The unique message your heart longs to hear

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Favorite quotes:

1. Our main goal is to recognize that the Enneagram is just a tool, it’s the gospel that transforms.

2. The beauty of the enneagram is its a non-judgemental friend. It will tell you like it is.

3. The Enneagram is a great tool for transformation and change because its giving you insight that you never thought you could really have before.


In this episode I answer these questions:

1. What are your tips for parenting middle schoolers? (1:02:40)

2. I have horrible anxiety everytime I try to study the Bible. Some say this is spiritual   warfare. Do you know anything about that? (1:16:43)

3. Is it still true nowadays that writing a blog is a good first step towards getting a book published? (1:21:16)

Links to great things we discussed:

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And a big thank you to Adrienne for the wonderful help with show notes!