Episode #4- Christine Caine on living life through the lens of faith and being dangerous to the darkness.

Interview with Christine Caine

The one and only, Christine Caine is with us today, and you are going to love this one! 

In this episode we discuss:

1.  Christine’s own cancer diagnosis, and how to not have a crisis of faith when the Unexpected happens.

2. How to look at life through the lens of faith.

3. Practical steps we can take to move from a stance of fear to a stance of faith. 

4. How to navigate friendships and identify which ones are healthy and which ones are not. 

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Favorite quotes- 

When something is unexpected to us, it doesn’t mean that it’s unexpected to God. 

You never really know if you believe that God is sovereign and in control until you are out of control.

The enemy will come at you…because what he wants is our faith. He doesn’t want our house or our cars, or our stuff.

You become who you hang around. So if you want to become healthy, you’ve got to hang around healthy people.

You’ve got to evaluate, very regularly, are the people that you are running closest to bringing you closer to Jesus and helping you become more Christ-like or not…I want to get around faith-filled people who are going to help me run harder and closer to Jesus, that are going to help me believe God and stir up the fight of faith in me.

Jesus didn’t come from Heaven to Earth to make us safe. He came to make us dangerous to the kingdom of darkness.

The only thing that never changes in and around us is Jesus.

A lot of times, our greatest ministry comes from our greatest unexpected pain – but you need faith to keep moving forward and not get stuck.

Embrace the adventure because walking with Jesus is unexpected. I think sometimes we think walking with Jesus means that my life will be safe, controlled, and predictable, but I don’t know who sold out to that kind of Christianity because that’s not what the Bible says. Jesus is predictable, but walking with him is unpredictable.


Bonus: After the interview join me as I answer your questions about life, faith, and business. 

In this episode, I answer these questions- 

1. How do you know the difference between fear and God telling you “no” or “not yet”? (31:50)

2. I’m in the first stages of building my platform. What do I need to focus on the most? (37:52)

3. Do you have a mentor? And how do you recommend finding a mentor? (43:39) 


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