Episode #14- Jeannie Cunnion

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I’m with my gracious and wonderful friend Jeannie Cunnion today talking about parenting, living a grace-filled life, and what it means to live set free


In this episode we discuss:

1. Parenting from a place of surrender

2.   God’s grace

3. The most powerful tool in a parent’s toolbox.


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Favorite quotes:

1. The beauty of of praying for them [our kids] is that you get to watch God act and move in ways that you couldn’t orchestrate on your best days.

2. It’s not like the Lord set me free in that and now I’m just free and I never wrestle with my freedom or the enemy never tries to put the chains back on me. It is a daily surrender, it is a daily reminder, it is a daily going back to the truth to be reminded of the freedom that is already mine, but I am so quick not to walk in.

3. The depths of God’s grace. It really this bottomless well…You never ever get to the bottom of the well of God’s grace. You’re never too far gone. You’ve never blown it too much.

4. Surrender is not giving up, but it’s giving over.



Bonus: After the interview join me as I answer your questions about life, faith, and business.


In this episode, I answer these questions-

1. How do you invite people into your stressors without dumping on them?


2.  Why are women mentioned so little in the bible? (41:53)

3. I know I want to go to the next level in my business but I seem to continually take my foot off the gas. How can I move past this and build my business to reach where I want it to be? (45:13)

Links to great things we discussed-

1.  Jeannie Cunnion

2.  Jeannie’s books- Parenting the Wholehearted Child and Mom Set Free

3.  NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children

4.  No Matter What” Ryan Stevenson feat. Bart Millard

5.  Who You Say I Am” Hillsong

6.  Enneagram and The Road Back to You

7.  Holy, Holy, Holy ” Audrey Assad

8.  The Intouchables


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